GE Silicone

GE Enduris

100% Silicone Seamless Roofing

Simplicity & Integrity From a Trusted Brand

With over five decades of superior product performance, the GE Enduris 100% silicone roof coating system can bring confidence and compliance to roof restorations and repairs.
Simplified installation promotes safety and improves efficiency, helping to ensure that the job is done right every time.

Add Decades to Roof Life in Days

Roofs have it hard. A typical flat roof can experience a 60° C temperature shock from 75°C at the hottest peak to 15° C ambient temperature at night. This constant temperature fluctuation and UV exposure can create tremendous strain over time. Most commonly, roofs fail where dissimilar materials meet at penetrations, seams and edges. Minor structural issues can cause additional challenges such as poor drainage and ponding water.
For over 50 years, professionals have trusted GE Silicones products to deliver durable, long-lasting building solutions. The GE Enduris* roof coating system is a fast, efficient and economical alternative to replacement.
Based on GE-heritage technology, the GE Enduris system is backed by world-class technical support and a 10-, 15- or 20-year warranty.

Restore with Silicone

A seamless, stable and energy-efficient coating can dramatically extend roof life expectancy, delaying the need for a costly, time-consuming replacement project.
Silicone is inherently durable and permanently flexible. Unlike acrylic, polyolefin, asphaltic and carbon-based polymer chains, silicone is completely UV stable, providing the maximum long-term performance against weather and atmospheric conditions. The entire GE Enduris roof coating system is made from the same 100% silicone, allowing it to expand and contract at the same rate, helping prevent leaks that may result in mold, mildew, wood rot and rust. A white silicone coating also reflects the sun’s rays to better control inside temperatures.

GE Enduris Roof Coating Three-Component System

GE Enduris Roof Coating

High-solids, low-VOC, 100% silicone liquid coating applied in a single coat.
While a primer is not required, an asphalt bleed-blocking base coat can
promote energy savings, and an EPDM wash can help optimize adhesion.
Currently available in drums and 17 litre (21.59 kg) pails and in standard colors
white, light gray and medium gray.

GE RF100 Reinforcing Fabric

This flexible, easy-to-use reinforcing fabric embedded between layers of sealant or coating is acceptable for sealing virtually all seams, curbs and penetrations. Currently available in 4″, 6″ and 12″ widths in 100′ rolls.
Larger sizes may be available.

GE Enduris Seam Sealant

Low-VOC 100% silicone, single-component liquid sealant for joints, seams,
gaps and splices, offering long-term performance in sealing out water and
withstanding weather and atmospheric conditions without degradation.
Currently available in 2-gallon pails.